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After beheading her husband, Queen Titiana takes over the mystical woods where lost souls and ghouls wander about confused in this surrealist film inspired by William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. A portrait of a lost generation, seen through the mind of Finn, as he tries to find a new perspective and escape it. A micro-budget, DIY-minded, independent film incorporating elements from mumblecore and found footage cinema.

Two drug addicts face the consequences of their drug abuse as they come crashing down from being high. In a sleepy small town, on the night the sky is set to fall, two life-long friends have one last chance to express their true feelings for one another. Kathy sits at her computer to compose an email to her estranged husband, but is soon overcome by the dubious counsel from the voices of her liquor bottles.

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In Saint Beast , initially Pandora and Cassandra get along, but their rivalry for Zeus's attention turns friendliness into more of a necessary pretense. Quoted almost verbatim by Brock in episode 9 when the Power Trio learns what a young Pokemon Tech student has been put through for his entire time there. A later episode has the saying turned on its face by James in a dub-exclusive Actor Allusion : James : With enemies like that, who needs friends? Comic Books.

John Constantine and Chas Chandler in Hellblazer. Arguably, this trope describes nearly all of Constantine's relationships, be they friends, relatives or lovers, but Chas, being nearly the only person close to John who's still alive , is the prime example. Sub-Mariner - Namor and Doctor Doom have had this going for decades. Both are leaders of small, isolated nations, and both are considered ruthless by the outside world, so they relate to each other quite well.

However, Doom's a true villain and Namor's just determined to protect his people, so they often wind up on the opposite side of conflicts. Namor is also strained friends with The Fantastic Four , in spite of fighting against them countless times. No matter how many times they seem to clash, the Four still come to him if he can help them, and vice-versa. Granted, it's not clear just how much of his willingness to help the group comes from thinking Sue is hot. Quantum and Woody - The title pair.

Compounded when they casually throw racial insults at each other. The page image shows Dick Grayson during his Batman days and Roy Harper at the lowest point in their friendship; Roy was tripping on drugs and attacking civilians, and afterwards Dick abandoned Roy in prison. This isn't the first time these best friends came to blows either. When they were both on the Outsiders an argument concerning how the team was run devolved into petty insults.

Then they started beating the crap out of each other. Of course they make up like they always do and go back to their Ho Yay filled friendship. The Joker and Penguin, believe it or not.

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Between regularly scheduled betrayal, multiple acts of attempted murder, and verbal and physical abuse both men seem to really enjoy watching each other suffer , they still insist they're friends. Joker even cried when he thought Penguin had died and worked with Batman to catch the culprit. When he found out Penguin was Faking the Dead he did try to murder him for real, but this being the Joker the Penguin was lucky it was only a token attempt. At times, the role of The Joker has been replaced by The Riddler not the first time this has happened in a Batman franchise as best frenemies with Penguin.

Cyclops and Wolverine.

Somewhere beneath the bickering, insults, fights, differences and rivalries are two men that actually do respect one another, care about each other and are even friends. In fact Logan's entire position over Schism is revealed in Wolverine and the X-Men 40 to ultimately come down to Logan believing Scott actually is the better man, and that it's not right for him to be taking the darker approach.

Logan genuinely wants to protect Scott from dirtying his hands and conscience with the ugly things that Logan generally does on the X-Men's behalf. It's all fun and games until Tess does something dumb like punch Ari in the boob. Comic Strips. Wellington Wimpy has sold out Popeye on multiple occasions for the promise of food, safety or money. Not to mention that Wimpy mooches off Popeye on a regular basis.

The rest of the town hates him, and Olive seems to only put up with him because he's friends with Popeye. Wimpy does, however, draw the line at killing. Hector to Jeremy from Zits. Most of times, he isn't very supportive, preferring to be a Deadpan Snarker instead. Not very helpful for Jeremy's self-esteem.

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Emblematic in this sense, the series of strips in which both guys do an IQ test, and Jeremy scores only All that Hector who scored can say in response to depression of a friend, is more or less: " Hey, what should I say, I have an underdeveloped as friend. For the record, at last Jeremy discovers that the test is not reliable at all: his father did the test too, and he scored a little bit too high, for a guy who doesn't even know how to use a computer.

It's sometimes difficult to tell why the titular Calvin and Hobbes are friends at all. Hobbes condescends to Calvin, attacks him for no reason, occasionally bullies him, and has betrayed him for his own gain multiple times, while Calvin tends to see Hobbes as little more than a partner for his own schemes and often treats him no better than Hobbes treats him.

The implication seems to be that because Calvin is so terrible, he has to take what friends he can get, and even Hobbes may or may not be imaginary. The boys had become very strange friends. They still despised each other but could often be seen trading the rudest insults to each other over a chess board. Ritsuko: Hmm.

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I see you're busy. When you two are done, I need to see Misato. Ritsuko: I suppose he had it written on the inside of his underwear or something? Felicity: He just snaps at you and gets so angry with you. We all see it. Laurel: It was hard, at first, to let go of the idea that he would ever be there for me the way I had been there for him and his family. I thought I was doing so well, until tonight. No one has ever been able to cut me down like he can. R2-D2 and C-3P0 were said to have been modeled off of Tahei and Matashichi from The Hidden Fortress who bicker and fight constantly when they're not swearing eternal friendship to each other.

The comedy duo Abbott and Costello in their many many films. The Big Lebowski. The Dude and Walter spend most of the time bickering, but they're good enough friends to see it through. Even verbally said by an exasperated Dude at one point: The Dude : With friends like these, huh, Gary? Harry Potter — Hermione likes a little bickering, which is why she prefers Ron to Harry, who backs down just to get her to shut up.

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