Wash Down Hope With A Glass Of Despair

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In the EU, the burden of proof of safety rests on the manufacturers who must demonstrate that products and their breakdown components pose no health or toxic danger to people or living things. Not so in the US. The burden is on the consumer to prove that their illness was caused by exposure. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention biennial bioassay of the US population, for example, the average American has over synthetic chemicals in his or her body, 75 of which are known mutagens or carcinogens.

The modern Age of Plastic has been a massive experiment on life without any controls. Global awareness of global pollution as an existential problem is growing across the world. It is impossible to ignore the millions of ocean creatures coming to land dead from consuming plastic debris floating in the ocean in great gyres concentrated by the currents. Our habit of converting fossil raw material to trash as rapidly as possible with no plan for retrieving the waste creates millions and millions of pounds a year of synthetic material that does not break down into smaller molecules that can re-enter the cycle of life.

Synthetic materials made from fossil resources, extracted with great damage to the living systems of the Earth, transported, manufactured into materials for convenience. The problem of plastic pollution is complex, and has evolved over fifty years at least. The solutions will require dedicated effort, but most critically, a force of will to change the process toward solutions. It is a moral and ethical problem, not a technology problem. The plastic pollution of the globe is the most serious unintended consequence of convenience combined with a failure to take responsibility for the waste produced at any level.

Manufacturers have failed to take responsibility at the design stage to prevent toxicity and harm in the biological activity of the synthetic material they produce. Unless regulatory restrictions are imposed and enforced, there is no ethic of assuring safety in the products or their degradation by-products.

Industry, especially in the US screams about burdensome regulation and insists that restrictions limit profits and kill jobs. Producers of plastics, especially single-use consumer convenience products, take no responsibility for reclaiming or recapturing the waste. There is no profit in recapturing the used materials, it is apparently cheaper to make new plastics from more fossil raw resources like petroleum and natural gas liquids. Retailers and advertisers promote ever more items for convenience, representing the single use and throw away concept as a convenience to the consumer.

Cutlery, plastic cups, dishes, straws, food containers, take-out foods, packaging everything within packages then clad in shrink-wrap… the list is endless. The ethic of taking responsibility for recycling plastic has evaporated with the old-fashioned practice of returning beverage bottles for re-use. Milk, beer, water once came in bottles with a deposit and refund on return.


Glass bottles could be cleaned and reused five or more times before being recycled and reformed for renewed use. A circular fate for the silica based resource of glass. This practice is routine in Germany, where re-use of beverage bottles is standard. Solutions to the single-use plastic problem can begin immediately with citizens calling for responsible plastic policies.


Is the container recyclable? Is the packaging excessive? What becomes of this product when I am done with it? Because Cooke was used to asking questions, he sought from the orthopaedic consultant a cause for the leg turning bad. The consultants who choose to enlighten tend to be the ones who like drawing pictures to explain to the sufferer what the sufferer already understands. We love when consumers in other areas of life go to the trouble to gain some basic knowledge of our field.

It prevents them applauding between the movements of a symphony, for one thing, leaning heavily on the electrified fence at the local farm, or failing their driving test. MORE to the point, it facilitates the full appreciation by the consumer of the service supplied to them. If someone knows even a little about cooking, for example, they are much more likely to fully appreciate a dish invented by a clever chef.

People with trouble sleeping told to write down thoughts before going to bed.

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About one in three adults at normal weight, survey finds. Zoos and wildlife parks obsolete - Wild animals need habitat not zoo life. Compo culture warning - Follow the dosh. Portraying overs as doddery old fools sees a resource go to waste. I skipped most of my Leaving Cert year and I still got into university. Bestselling writer brought to book during radio interview. Eating for two: It's quality not quantity of food that matters during pregnancy.

I get the kiss off from my own daughter! Sayaka's ghost has been confirmed to represent his first love, implying that Kyoko is his current love. When Makoto had a confrontation with Kyosuke it is insinuated by him that Makoto was in love with her. While trying to persuade him to help him, Makoto tearfully tells him that if Kyoko had fallen into despair, and he had no choice but to kill her, he would still be happy to have met her.

After Mikan revived Kyoko, Makoto was very happy to see her. Makoto and Kyoko are last seen running the rebuilt Hope's Peak Academy together. Prior to entering Hope's Peak Academy, Makoto and Sayaka attended middle school together and didn't have much of a friendship due to them being in different social standards. Sayaka later reveals that she always meant to talk to Makoto since witnessing him nursing an injured crane back to health after it got lost and stuck in the pool at their school.

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  • Unfortunately, they ended up graduating without ever having contact. It's heavily implied that Makoto had a crush on Sayaka since middle school. This appears to be a bit naive first crush, as he doesn't actually know her at that point, but admires her from afar. He thinks Sayaka is very beautiful and, based on Makoto Naegi Secret File , he enjoyed watching her performances after she became an idol.

    After meeting with each other in high school, they seem to have become close friends, and are seen talking together in Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc. Also, in one of their high school pictures, Makoto seems to be looking at Sayaka while their class was out swimming. A mutual attraction formed between the two and she even considered herself to be his "assistant".

    Hope Despair Stock Images

    He admired her very much and silently remarked on her beauty every time she smiled. They trusted one another, and she admitted to him that she would go to dangerous lengths so she can protect and defend her idol members. After receiving the alarming video which showed her friends disbanding the idol group and laying on the stage in distress, Sayaka had an emotional breakdown. Makoto was quick to comfort her, promising to get her out of the school no matter what it took. Makoto cared for her enough to let her borrow his room when she was scared of sleeping in her own.

    The next morning of her absence, Makoto goes looking for her worried about the condition she was in. Upon finding her dead in his bathroom, he was devastated, letting out a loud scream and fainting in shock. After finding out the facts from the class trial, and knowing that Sayaka took advantage of his caring actions and tried to frame him, Makoto feels betrayed; however, he still mourns over her death as she was his close friend.

    Kyoko comforts Makoto and tells him that it's most likely Sayaka wrote her dying message with Makoto in her thoughts, exposing her killer to apologize for her actions. Makoto points out that she also could have just wanted to get back on her killer. It is not revealed whether that is true or not, but in his conversation with Kyoko after the trial, he quotes Sayaka one last time, calling his intuition a result of him being a psychic and then denying it as a joke after.

    In the second game, Makoto used the number as a code to save the remaining students, the number which Sayaka used to save Makoto from being framed as the culprit in the first trial, Makoto later explained to Hajime the reason he set as the code because a certain person Sayaka left that number behind to save him from trouble, proving that Makoto believed Kyoko's theory and remembered her dearly as a friend.


    This is most likely due to the fact that Makoto regained his memories, and remembered his relationship with Sayaka. In the anime version of the first game, Makoto is often seen blushing in Sayaka's company and the relationship chart confirms his crush on her. However, the chart does not mention her liking him back, while it's been implied that she does.

    In Danganronpa IF , it's stated that Makoto had a crush on Kyoko, implying that his feelings for Sayaka changed for some reason during their school years. Regardless, the two are shown to be at least very close friends in Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc.