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All logically conceivable positions about the status and relationships of Neandertal people have been maintained since their discovery in Passionate debate has pervaded everything that could possibly be contended, even something so trivial as spelling. Post-Renaissance scholars often adopted the affectation of recasting their names in classical form.

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But some alterations really soared, as when the prosaic Georg Bauer, the great sixteenth-century German mineralogist, became Georgius Agricola, which means the same thing—farmer. Why are Neandertals so central to discussions of human evolution? The answer involves two understandable parochialisms: 1 our tendency to place a microscope over the most recent events in our history, and to worry every detail to the outer limits of resolution since Neandertals lived….

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Fred Astaire & Rita Hayworth (You'll Never Get Rich - So Near and Yet So Far)

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For Hays and Honest Ways! Hayes General. Sheet Music Form.

Thou art so near and yet so far; Du bist mir nah und doch so fern

Contributor: John F. Date: Film, Video That baseball rag [illustrated] videorecording 1 video ; 3 min.

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