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The ethereal, piano-driven version Campbell first heard at Webb's house, from Toussaint's LP of the same name, was vastly different from what he eventually recorded, with Toussaint's rendering conjuring up a swampy mirage and Campbell's skipping and hopping along. But both still manage to capture the unmistakable feel of a sultry Louisiana evening.

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Jerry Reed's swinging song about a musician searching for a place to play guitar — traveling through Tennessee, Georgia and Florida before settling in Mobile, Alabama — provided Reed with a career-long nickname. But the tune's journey wasn't over yet.

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Elvis Presley loved "Guitar Man" so much, he recorded it and brought in Reed, one of music's most underrated guitarists, to play on his version, which went straight to Number One. Presley's swaggering performance of "Guitar Man," paired with "Trouble" in his Comeback Special , remains one of TV's greatest musical moments. Ryan Adams has always had a somewhat thorny relationship with his native state — it's been nearly a decade since he's played a show anywhere within its borders.

But you'd never know it from this gorgeous ballad, featuring a radiant Emmylou Harris duet vocal and gentle piano by Wilco's Pat Sansone.

Glen Campbell

A fugitive's Valentine to the Old North State, "Oh My Sweet Carolina" ruminates on how you can only run from your roots for so long before you find yourself back home, like it or not. Jason Isbell may have kickstarted his career as a member of the hard-rocking Drive-By Truckers, but he was over it by , when this song spun the story of a ragged, road-weary southerner who can't get through a Sunday afternoon without a visit to Wayne's Liquor store.

Released on Isbell's last album as a drinking man, "Alabama Pines" is technically a work of fiction.

Brad Paisley has always pushed country's boundaries — geographically, musically and ideologically. Without ever sounding condescending, he takes the listener around the globe on 's "Southern Comfort Zone," explaining, "I can't see this world unless I go outside my Southern comfort zone," and that there are wondrous adventures to be had in places that seem at first strange and unfamiliar. But, as he concludes, the nicest part of any trek is getting to come back to "my Tennessee home," even if he knows he's not going to be down on the farm for long before wanderlust sets in again.

For the song's video, the country superstar visited eight countries in eight days, running into literally the Band Perry in Norway and jamming with a giraffe in Kenya. By 's Come Around Sundown , the brothers and cousin Followill had come a long ways from their days touring in a beat-up Oldsmobile driven by their traveling-preacher father.

But the global rock stars remembered their roots and perhaps some of that country twang that might have played on their dad's radio on the album's unambiguously wistful fourth single, "Back Down South. Apropos of the song's title and sentiment, it's golden-tinted music video featured shots of broken-window farmhouses and double-wide trailers, main-street barbershops, young-and-in-love fast-food employees racing down two-lane roads, horses, tractors, good ol' boys shootin' skeet, mixin' dranks and doin' doughnuts in the mud with their pick-up trucks — scenes more common to CMT than MTV.

Hot Southern Nights Poem by Curtisj Johnson - Poem Hunter

So many songs are written about a place while really being about a woman; and so many songs are written about a woman while really being about a place in time. Tom Waits' "I Wish I Was in New Orleans In the Ninth Ward " is no confused love affair — draping his deep, crooning rasp over the piano, it sounds like the streets of the Big Easy after the jazz clubs have closed; a last drink over bittersweet saxophone notes before the first hints of sunrise. The city, and the city alone, is his only mistress.

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Whether the bar country-blues of "Sweet Virginia" is about the state, a drug-induced state of mind or a woman who's sweeter than both is up for debate — knowing the Stones, it's probably all three. From Bill Payne's stone-skipping, light-handed piano intro to Lowell George's slightly slurry delivery, the title track from Little Feat's seminal album takes place in Memphis, but the slinky, full-bodied sound is straight out of New Orleans.

Hot Southern Nights at the Downtown Center

The lady in question is such a smooth Southern belle that before the Dixie Chicken knows it, his Tennessee Lamb has taken all his money and left him for the guitar player and his fine memories. I can add some further information regarding Hot Southern Nights. I have struggled with supplying enough water until recently and now with an emitter from my drip system I hope it is smooth sailing from this point forward.

I bet it would have grown a lot more than it has if it had received the proper amount of water over the last 2 years. Currently it is 3'3" and branching out now from the bottom as well as gaining solid vertical growth. Farmer D. Hot Southern NIghts Twins Hot Southern Nights Twins Hot Southern Nights Plant Here is a complete opening to closing sequence to demonstrate the coloration.

The camera does struggle to define the colors as seen with the eye. It has very nice variation of patterns with a very large pink eye. Ask your reservationist for more details. For reservations, please call Description availability Amenities Reviews Add to Favorites. What people are saying about us. Previous Next. What people are saying about this property.

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