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It is starchy and high in carbohydrates. This is similar to yams, taro, plantains, and potato. Not only is this gluten, grain, and nut free but it is also vegan, vegetarian, and paleo. It is the most similar to wheat flours when it comes to gluten- and grain-free options. One reason, unlike other gluten-free flours such as almond or coconut flour, is that cassava flour is very mild and neutral in flavor. As mentioned earlier, it is also nut-free!!! But read on! While you can usually swap cassava flour for wheat flour and all purpose flour using a ratio, it is not perfect for every recipe.

Cassava flour has a very similar consistency but it is lighter than all purpose flour. This means baking with it can be tricky. Cassava flour is lighter, yet it absorbs more liquid. Just like any recipe you make substitutions for you may have to experiment a little to find the perfect amount for each recipe. The more you can hone in on exactly where and why a recipe went wrong the better.

Almond Flour Thumbprint Cookies (Vegan + Grain Free!)

Baking something you have been successful with in the past, makes you more likely to identify exactly what needs to be changed to yield the result you want. The ingredients in cassava root naturally have cyanide components that can be toxic. The process described above to make cassava flour removes the compounds and prevent you from getting sick. Cassava flour has a high-carbohydrate profile.

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That being said, you should monitor your intake of cassava flour particularly if you are following a low-carb, low-sugar, or paleo-based diet. Cassava flour has double the calories and carbs as a sweet potato per grams. Just like everything else in life, moderation is key.

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  • If you happen to get carried away and end up using cassava flour for every meal, you may have a insulin spike on your hands. The bread looks absolutely amazing and even cheaper than most paleo bread you can find at the store. Seems like it might be worth a shot!

    To give you a head start, try these delish cassava flour recipes:. My friend Amanda over at the Curious Coconut is, in my mind, the queen of cassava flour. Churros Mexicanos from The Curious Coconut. Paleo Pita Bread from Predominantly Paleo. Grain-Free Tortillas from Fork and Beans.

    Dark Chocolate Brownies from Food Herbed Cassava Tortilla Chips from Downshiftology. Cheryl Malik is the recipe developer, writer, and photographer behind the clean eating, paleo, and Whole30 recipes at 40 Aprons. She's been a blogger for 10 years and is known for her flavorful, family-friendly recipes and detailed recipe instructions.

    I was wondering if I could substitute it with flaxmeal?


    BUT… I need help. I keep running into the same issue over and over with so many recipes. Should I try using ground flax meal to help absorb liquid in a recipe that uses coconut flour? Here are some almond flour recipes for you. If there is coconut oil in a recipe and you are allergic, you could swap it for another solid fat such as butter if you can tolerate that. As for adapting recipes to remove coconut flour, as you have already discovered, it takes a lot of trial and error which is why I only write substitutions when I have spent time getting the volume of almond flour and eggs correct.

    There is no easy and guaranteed swap. Try these ones that have been developed just using almond flour — Almond flour bread , almond and orange cake , Bakewell tarts almond cupcakes , Fat Head pizza. Great information and will be very useful moving forward in a low carb diet; but why has the art of proof reading been lost lately. Should have had a proof reader go over your context , as there were many grammatical errors. Maybe you should have proof-read your comment, as well.

    Thanks for all the help you give to us. I greatly appreciate it. Can you tell me how to substitute almond or coconut flour to cassava flour? I have a couple of recipes with cassava flour and prefer the others for low carb options. They also have an almond on top. If they were crumbly, I would add an extra egg, if they were dry, I would add extra butter. HI can you please tell me the, total carbs or net carbs per serving for sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Hi Libby. What is the ratio for replacing almond flour with flaxseed flour please.

    Saying that I love experimenting. I would begin by using a lower amount of the flaxseed to whichever recipe you decide to try, then mix and see what the result is. It may be that you need some extra liquid, an extra egg or a little more flaxseed. Just found your website! What an incredible help it is for me.

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    • Plus the information about almond flour increasing inflammation was eye opening. I have both rheumatoid and osteo — arthrits and recently it has really acted up. Now I know why. I will use coconut four more now! Thank you. I am so glad this has helped you discover what has happened, and why. I love using coconut flour in my recipes. And the omega ratio is preferable for a reduction in inflammation.

      Ingredient Substitution List for Baking

      Hi, Libby. This is a great article explaining why we can enjoy nuts, but be cautious of which type and how much. Nuts have become readily accessible too often and eaten it too larger quantities. I just found your site a few days ago.

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      How strong is the almond flavor? How strong is the coconut flavor? My downfalls are pasta, brownies, etc.. I found this article very helpful though. I wish I knew why!

      Can You Substitute Almond Flour for All-Purpose Flour?

      And the consistency is a super fine, chunky powder that clumps. Does the flour carry the same strong flavor? I personally think it has a mild taste I understand what you mean about almonds can sometimes have a strong taste. Why not make a small recipe first to see if you like it. With all low carb flours like coconut flour also if you are sensitive to their subtle taste, you can help the recipe by adding more flavour such as vanilla for a sweet recipe, or cheese and spices if it is a savoury recipe.

      And have done research for Substitution and it led me to this comment I use Xantham Gum for thickening. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please and Thank you!