A Spook’s Progress: From Making War to Making Peace

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Shepherd to the Elusives. Decent Employment. The United Democratic Movement. Honouring the Living and the Dead. Niel Barnard and the Afrikaner Broederbond. Trial Tribulation and Hilarity. The National Prosecuting Authority. He holds degrees in law, international relations, international law and translation studies from the universities of Pretoria, Witwatersrand, Cambridge and Stellenbosch.

He has practised law, is a sworn translator of the High Court and has dabbled in local and national politics. Bibliographic information. The same must be true many times over of someone who, without having experienced them, writes of Vietnam or Auschwitz. Jonathan Glover.

If one takes an interest in or applies himself to the study of philosophy in a broad sense, he is bound to go through some dark times. There is sense of despair looming and a brooding angst more or less painful depending on personal circumstances or, in my case, whether or not the sea is in sight.

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Generally, there seems to be a great deal of suffering in the world and a taste for abstract reflection engenders a tendency to judge it a trans-historical and trans-cultural phenomenon. With XX century history behind them, contemporary Europeans will probably find less motivation to answer the above question optimistically than their great-grandfathers did before World War I broke out. Perhaps to posit that such judgement may be formulated at all is to misunderstand reality altogether or to subscribe to a philosophy of history which is as problematic as it is pivotal to our modern belief in human progress.

Perhaps all the toilsomeness of existence derives from the attempt to remain sane and reasonable twenty, forty years longer, to conceal all of our sordidness, atrocity and absurdity, to have our children believe there cannot be another Auschwitz.

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What is going on? How have we become this disjointed, sour and hopeless? Back in the good old days we used to have faith — not in God, we have not been that silly for a while — but in the simple things: in humanity, in possibility, in progress. Then we got old. Max who? Collective philosophies died in , infected by the thought-virus of a man so ludicrous few even remember him.

Not by accident; fewer still will remember his sacrilegious brilliance being slain by the likes of Marx and Engels, cunningly going unacknowledged by Nietzsche. He killed Western Philosophy with one book. But the corpses of his enemies, resurrected by fanatic fervour, wrestled back and triumphed, keeping the zombie walking for another hundred years. Until, emptied and vacuous, weighed down by the nauseous failures of Communism, Fascism and by the grossly overestimated successes of all forms of Socialism and Liberalism, the sad cadaver finally crumbled, shattering to the ground into billions of lost, dismembered pieces that began aimlessly wandering.

That would be us. This is no ghost story, kids. It is however a story about the spooks we all believe in. You know their names: Family, the State, Justice, Truth, Love, Freedom, the Motherland and, of course, Humanity… A spook, according to Mad Max, is any idea one believes and by which is enslaved, which he then uses to enslave others. See, this lunatic Stirner, a disgusting and unnatural specimen to be sure, pointed out that spooks…are not real.

A Spook's Progress: From Making War to Making Peace - Maritz Spaarwater

My writing hand is real, your reading eyes, your cherished belongings, the things you enjoy or hate, in other words you and your property a generous term embracing anything you can claim possession of, including your abilities are real. Ideas or causes are not. They are mental fabrications that exist as long as you exist and keep believing in them.

Then why not make them your property? Which means you may dispose of them however you wish, upholding or discharging them entirely as you see fit, in accordance to the only cause Stirner deemed worthy of value: your cause. With that mentality how can we expect to get anything done?

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Same as always, dear readers: through sheer willpower. That does not mean you should use your will. See, Mighty Max was not advocating for a new system predicated on individualistic gallantry, he was simply pulling the veil off of every system ever conceived. No man has a Right to put another in that category. In fact, no man has any rights whatsoever, for that matter. Anarchy is a spook. The Stirner-ooney basically pointed out how all systems are based on arbitrary and coercive concepts always necessarily referring to something higher and greater than the petty concerns of any single human animal.

It is important for people to be sensible before we expect establishments to reflect our feelings. Unless attitudes change, hope cannot be realized. I am hoping that through this cricket match, more diplomatic and people-people level interactions increase to restore some kind of a peace that had developed prior to the Mumbai attacks.

Americans have been warning about another set of terrorist attacks. I saw this youtube video yesterday. This is an interview of an Indian journalist who spent sometime in Islamabad. At some point during the interview, the indian journalists points directly at the emotional nature of Pakistanis where they jump to sweeping conclusions without facts. This includes even journalists. I do not know how Pak media is reacting to the upcoming match at Mohali. Given India-Pakistan history, there is high probability that this will improve the relations or at worst no harm done.

KpsinghAt some point during the interview, the indian journalists points directly at the emotional nature of Pakistanis where they jump to sweeping conclusions without facts. Well not just Pakistan,but entire south Asian psyche is emotional in nature. If you look at the way Nehru had taken decisions based on his belief of people rather than institutions we would not have the problem of kashmir. Nehru believed so much in Sheikh Abdullah that he did not realize that sheikh is demanding a completely different treaty of accession for kashmir Read Article and his naive belief of chinese benignity which eventually lead to embarassment and of course his even naive socialistic policies.

The only person with real politic was Indira Gandhi and perhaps P. Even Rajiv and Vajpayee were less mortals of emotional thinking. Even when intelligence was available to India that Pak was going nuclear Morarji stubbornly refused to act naively underestimating their capabilities. No matter what kind of bonhomie is reached. Long standing disputes can only begin with taking the Process forward and this process should stand on reciprocity and nothing else. Trust is strengthened by reciprocity and not by friendly gestures which can only turn more sour if something goes wrong.

Also, A little pity that even People like KPSingh01 who abide by the idea of real politik start to get emotional that something positive is gonna happen by this invitation and rather forgetting for a moment, the gigantic task that the pakistani state has to battle its own monsters. I watched this video and my take is that Nirupa is trying to be nice but not open. She was defensive thru out. She was looking for facts on river flows that Indian establishment holds.

Interesting anyway. It is this emotional nature that has led our people to betray each other and offer our heads to outsiders just to settle scores. No arguments there either. I am still trying to understand why Nehru back tracked on Kashmir.

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He was a very open minded and secular person. In the case of Kashmir, I guess his attachment to the place of his origin overwhelmed him.

A spook's progress : Maritz Spaarwater :

No one knows. She was ruthless and cold blooded. No one could read her mind. But she was leading the country towards self destruction. Rajeev was highly inexperienced. He walked into the trap that Jeyawardhane had laid for him in Sri Lanka and paid the price for it at the end. His mother would not have done that. Vajpayee is a very good man at heart. The latter succeeded in his mission. There is no other option available. People sometimes come forward and agree to bury all hatchets after a tragedy or a celebration.

It happens a lot between family members. A small key is all needed to open a large door. One does not have to break the door down. This cricket match is like a small key. One never knows how the emotions will play out after the match. If Pakistan wins, they must hold the final in Colombo instead of Mumbai because the Shiv Sena might riot.